Pretension (see also CLAIM, AMBITION) is rarely used in place of pretense as a concrete act, appearance, or statement, but it is often used in the sense of false show or the evidence of it, with, however, somewhat differing implications. Where pretense in this general sense often implies hypocrisy or intentional deceit, pretension suggests rather an unwarranted assumption that one possesses certain desirable qualities or powers, and therefore more often implies overweening conceit or self- deception

his disdain of affectation and prudery was magnificent. He hated all pretension save his own pretensionMencken


this mannerism which has become so offensive ... is Roslyn's social pretension. Perhaps I should say intellectual pretension. She entertains people as if she were conducting a salon— Mailer


annoyed with . . . the pretensions of simplicity and homeliness in her parlor— Che ever

Make-believe applies usually to pretense or pretenses that arise not so much out of a desire to give others a false impression as out of a strong or vivid imagination (as that of children or poets who like to take what their fancies create as real or as true)

in children, the love of make-believe usually expresses itself in games

The term is occasionally used to denote the acceptance against one's better judgment of something manifestly unreal or untrue because of some power in the thing itself or in its accompaniments

tells us that the make-believe of the stage is a higher reality than life outside— Bentley

Analogous words: humbug, fake, sham, fraud, deceit, deception, *imposture: affectation, *pose, air, mannerism
pretension 1 *claim, title, pretense
Analogous words: *right, privilege, prerogative: assertion, affirmation, declaration, protestation (see corresponding verbs at ASSERT)
2 *pretense, make-believe
Analogous words: *hypocrisy, sanctimony, cant: dissimulation, duplicity, guile, *deceit
3 *ambition, aspiration
Analogous words: hoping or hope, expectation (see corresponding verbs at EXPECT): dream, vision, *fancy

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